Hops are a key ingredient used in manufacturing beer and malt beverages. They are mainly obtained from Germany and Australia, where the climate is conducive for growth. Our partners in these countries have ISO quality certifications, and assure high-quality products. They are committed to the development of new varieties and to continuous improvement of growing and processing methods.

Also available are tailor-made recipes or products that are developed for the appropriate use of the bitter and aroma compounds in beer.

Varieties from Australia include: Pride of Ringwood, Super Pride, Victoria and Opal.

Varieties from Germany include: Magnum, Husbrucker, HBG, Perle, Tradition and Saaz

Our Range:

  • Hop Pellets – Type 45 and Type 90
  • Hop Extract in CO2 and Ethanol
  • Raw Hops in Bales
  • Isomerised Hop Pellets and Extracts
  • Hop Oils
  • Specialised Hop Products