We provide our clients the opportunity to access our global network of sources of supply. We carry a vast product portfolio sourced from our category leading global partners. We ensure that our customers have the right material of reliable quality at the right time.


Our strategically located warehouses are technologically-enabled for better inventory management. By adhering to just-in-time delivery schedules, we help our customers quickly react to market changes with minimum investment risks and operational costs. We offer services such as inventory management and control, order processing and bar-coding as well as temperature-controlled facilities.

Distribution and Logistics

Our dependable infrastructure and collaboration with leading transportation service providers ensure that our customers' needs are fulfilled in a smooth, seamless and efficient manner. Our services include order fulfilment, inventory control, return management and reverse logistics programs.

After Sales Support and Service

Despite our rapid growth, we believe in providing personalized attention and maintaining close relationships with all our customers. Customer service is the hallmark of our business. From commissioning of equipment and training of personnel, to suggestions on how to gain packaging process efficiencies, our engaged customer relationships have helped us develop a strong franchise for our business.


We offer best-in-class services to our customers which are cost effective. Our end-to-end solutions provide our customers with support and assistance along the entire value chain. We cater to our clients’ procurement needs at a local level ensuring product reliability and cost efficiency.